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Don Shapiro’s reflections about the Fork In The Road stories he has read.

Inspirational Quotes About Life 12

The 10 Most Popular Inspirational Quotes About Life by Don Shapiro These are the 10 most popular inspirational quotes about life from the Life Is A Fork In The Road page on Facebook. Time is the great healer “Time is the great healer. No matter how difficult the circumstances that cross our path, it takes […]

Inspirational quotes about life - What you do counts more than what you say you do

Where Does Everyone On The Facebook Page Come From? 6

If you think English speaking countries dominate this Facebook Page, think again! The Life Is A Fork In The Road Facebook page has been on Facebook for 3 1/2 years. During that time it has grown to over 55,000 people from 157 countries around the world. Facebook has provided me with information about the top […]

Kids Around The World

We face over 10,000 choices a year…oh my

How has a tiny choice changed your life? In a typical day, we make over 200 choices which add up to over 10,000 choices a year. You may have put many of those choices on automatic pilot but they are choices that you could change if you wanted to. And each of those forks in […]

Choices about your morning routine