What Is Life All About? 2

The tree of life

The tree of life

If you strip it down to its very core, life is about making choices. Our life is filled with millions of choices big and small. Imagine a tree the size of our solar system with branches leading to branches and more branches. Each of those branches represents a fork we took, a choice we made. The path of all those forks combined IS your life.

If you never made a choice, you would have to stay in one place without moving, changing your clothes, eating or doing anything else. Getting out of bed is a choice. Brushing your teeth is a choice. Talking to someone is a choice. Stating your opinion is a choice. Getting in a car is a choice. Apologizing is a choice. Reading the newspaper is a choice. Looking at someone is a choice. Going to work is a choice. Thinking about something is a choice. Life involves thousands of choices every day some of which we do automatically as habit. Life IS a fork in the road.

Change one tiny choice and you change your day, maybe your entire life. Imagine this possibility. What happens if you changed your morning routine one day and by doing so delayed getting in your car to drive to work by 10 minutes? If you had kept to your routine, you would have been on the road 10 minutes earlier and might have been seriously hurt or killed in an accident that occurred on your normal route. What lead you to change your routine? Nothing happens by chance. There are no coincidences in life.

Whether you avoided something serious like an accident or just avoided having to talk with an overly chatty neighbor, have you ever made a tiny choice that resulted in a surprising outcome? Share your story here.

Life IS a fork in the road.

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2 thoughts on “What Is Life All About?

  • Carolyn

    I loved your attitude and the way you described choice, the choices we have and make! I comparison to the branches of a tree was profound and allowed me to recognize the magnitude of choices. I, too, believe that nothing happens for a reason. So I calmly watch as experiences that go smoothly occur and just observe. I have recently given up trying to figure out what something means… that is just a form of obsession, something I like to so, at times. It’s a more peace place to live. :-))

    Thanks for the blog.


    • Don Shapiro Post author

      Hi Carolyn,

      Thanks for sharing. Your photographs are special to me because they reflect the guidance of your inner voice and spirit. Yes, we can get obsessed with trying to figure out something instead of letting it grab us and carry us to a new place. To do that is an act of faith. That starts by trusting ourselves.

      It seems to me that you may have a Fork In The Road story to share here. Please reflect and see if anything cries out to be shared. It’s stories from people like yourself that could really add something to what we are doing on this website. This site isn’t just my opinions. It’s the collective wisdom of everyone who contributes.