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Interview Questions

Suggested questions when interviewing Don Shapiro

What does Life Is A Fork In The Road mean?

Why are you writing a book about following our inner wisdom?

How did you come up with the title for the book?

What type of real life stories are people submitting for your book research?

What is our inner wisdom and how does it differ from all the other voices and feelings inside us?

How accurate is guidance from the inner wisdom?

Can guidance from the inner wisdom be used to make professional and business decisions or it only for personal choices?

How many different ways does our inner wisdom communicate with us?

What makes it so difficult for some people to hear their inner wisdom?

Why do you say that “learning to trust ourselves” is the real issue in improving our choices?

Can bad choices be good for us?

What happens when the guidance from our inner wisdom clashes with what our family or friends want?

Is there a pattern to our inner guidance that says something about the path we are supposed to be on?

Why have you created a Facebook community to all share stories and insights about our inner voice?

Why is it so important to collect 1000’s of stories before finishing the book?

What do you hope to learn from all these stories?

With people from 156 countries on the book’s Facebook page,  what have you learned about how people around the world might get along better?

How do people react when they hear you say Life Is A Fork In The Road?

Do you have a life Don?

Copyright 2011 Don Shapiro


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