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Fact Sheet

1. Life Is A Fork In The Road: a book in the making and research project by Don Shapiro about following our inner wisdom.

Don Shapiro is the author of Life Is A Fork In The Road. He is conducting research to guide the books conclusions by collecting real life stories and insights about our inner wisdom on the website www.lifeisaforkintheroad.com and the book’s  Facebook page (www.facebook.com/lifeisaforkintheroad).

2. The Life Is A Fork In The Road research project seeks to answer the following questions:

How can we make better choices in our life?

What are our biggest challenges in making good choices and how do we address them?

Is there such a thing as a bad choice or are all experiences good for us?

Are we receiving guidance from within and beyond about the choices we make?

If so, do we have difficulty hearing, knowing or trusting that guidance when it comes to us?

How many different ways does our inner wisdom send messages to us and are those differences connected to what is unique about us?

Is life a test of faith? Whether faith in what goes on in the subconscious mind or faith in a higher power, does the nature of our life finally come down to how much faith we have in messages coming from within and beyond?

Why do people tend to be older before they learn to trust and follow their inner wisdom?

3. Life Is A Fork In The Road is being written on Facebook

Don Shapiro is actually writing the book on Facebook through the conversations he has with fans from around the world along with the messages he post. Currently, he has written over 150 pages of the book on Facebook most of which is buried in the comment threads to the post.

3. The title Life Is A Fork In The Road found Don Shapiro by accident while emailing to a family member

Please read Birth of the Book’s Title here in the Media Room.

4. To finish the book, Don Shapiro needs to collect 1000’s of real life stories

Don Shapiro’s conclusions are not final by any means. He will study all the stories submitted and comments made on the website, discussion on the book’s Facebook page and individuals he interviews to draw the final conclusions shared in the book.

5. The more stories collected, the more powerful the book’s conclusions

How many stories will it take to move the premise driving Life Is A Fork In The Road from a possibility to a probability? Will 5000 do it, should it be 20,000 or even more than that? Don Shapiro wants to encourage as many people as possible to share their story so the number of stories is enough to discover something new and valuable about what affects the choices we make in life.

6. This research project taps into Social Media websites to create a worldwide community all helping to discover the truth about our inner wisdom.

Besides encouraging website visitors to share www.lifeisaforkintheroad.com blogs with a variety of social bookmarking and news feed sites like Digg, Del.icio.us, Stumble Upon, Technorati, Reddit and more,  Don Shapiro comments on other people’s blogs that relate to people’s choices.

The Facebook page for the book has grown into a thriving community of over 39,000 members all sharing heartfelt stories and insights about our inner voice. This community has already added to our awareness and understanding about the mysteries ways the inner voice works. Individuals on this page come from over 156 countries around the globe making it a true worldwide community.

7. Real world networking and interviews

Don Shapiro is not relying only on the internet to collect these stories. He actively networks with everyone he meets in stores, at airports, even on the Las Vegas Strip! Because he has been a public speaker for 40 years, he is now giving speeches about Life Is A Fork In The Road.

Don is also reaching out to well known individuals such as actors, music artist, business executives and more to conduct interviews about their fork in the road experiences. In addition, he is reaching out to the academic community for professors who have an interest in this subject and to review their research about how people make choices.

Copyright 2011 Don Shapiro


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