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Six Steps to Pick The Best Fork In The Road

Whether at work or home, we are continually faced with one fork in the road after another. Some may seem tiny at the moment but those little choices can end up leading to big changes. What happens during our life finally comes down to the number of good choices we’ve made over many years.

The following ideas are not for emergency situations where our back is against the wall and we have to act right now. Often, we can find clarity and guidance about the right path when we are under extreme duress. For normal times, here are some tips to improve our journey through life.

1. Don’t rush it

Forcing a decision under pressure often leads to questionable choices. Sometimes, even giving it a day where you can find a few calm moments could make all the difference.

2. Gather all the information and perspective possible

Fill yourself with as much information as possible and talk to as many people as possible. Take it all in then give your unconscious mind time to process it. Your unconscious mind has 100 times more thinking power than your conscious mind.

3. Beware of your emotions

Emotions can actually block your access to your inner wisdom. When you are all churned up and roaring for action is not the time to choose a fork in the road.

4. Go into the still, the silence, the calm

Great guidance from your unconscious mind and divine forces will rise to the surface of your consciousness when you are completely relaxed and at peace. That’s why some of our best ideas and solutions occur when we are thinking about something else, taking a shower, driving or first thing in the morning. 

5. Trust yourself

We may think that giving up a decision to unconscious, hidden processes may be giving into something that is illogical, emotional or out of our control. The opposite is really the truth. Guidance from your inner wisdom represents the most logical and complex thinking your mind possesses combined with hidden insights from forces beyond us. Trust what comes deep from within you.

6. It feels right

You can feel when the choice is right. It is as if all the gears start meshing, everything falls into place and a calm knowing comes over you.

Copyright 2011 Don Shapiro

Don Shapiro is collecting stories for the book he is writing “Life Is A Fork In The Road.” www.lifeisaforkintheroad.com

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