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TV appearance story ideas

Depending on segment length, style of program, whether the format allows for multiple guest and whether a live audience is present, there are a variety of ways to bring Don Shapiro’s appearance to life discussing the book and research project Life Is A Fork In The Road.

Regardless of format and segment ideas used, Don will bring his enthusiastic, high energy, conversational style to chat about

  • why Life IS a fork in the road
  • share some of the real life stories he has collected
  • explore what he has learned about how to make better choices and the possibility we are receiving guidance from within and beyond about those choices.

Topic Focused Segments

Because of the large number of stories submitted for Don’s book research, Don can create a segment or entire show with supporting guest on one type of choice or topic such as the following:

  • Cancer survivors and their families
  • Drugs and drug rehabilitation
  • Bad bosses and work situations
  • Caring for terminally ill family members
  • The passing of a loved one
  • Dysfunctional and abusive relationships
  • When inner voice guidance clashes with the rest of the family
  • Major career changes
  • Getting unstuck from a stuck situation
  • Divorce
  • Finding love
  • Job loss
  • Leadership at home and work
  • When the life you knew turns out to be a lie
  • Avoiding danger and saving lives
  • When no one believes you
  • Repeating patterns over many years
  • The amazing ways the inner voice communicates with us

    Solo Appearance

    Place a large tree on the set (real or fake) so Don can illustrate how all the branches of the tree represent all the forks we have taken in our life. Have a huge fork utensil on the set or a picture of an actual fork in the road intersection.

    Show video clips or live remote of forks in the road, literal forks (as in huge fork utensils) placed at road intersections, trees (especially where the branches show) and other visual images that reflect choices.

    Show clips of famous people or events where a choice was made either good or bad that can be commented on.

    Call In:

    Select individuals who have shared their fork in the road story can join the discussion via telephone

    If the show allows for call-ins, let people call in to make comments, ask questions and share stories they just remembered from listening to the segment.

    Appearances with multiple guest

    Individuals who have shared fork in the road stories would be brought on stage to talk about their stories after Don has introduced the concept. Then an open discussion with Don, the individuals and the host could ensue. This could be done with one, two, three or more individuals who have all shared their story at www.lifeisaforkintheroad.com or www.facebook.com/lifeisaforkintheroad

    Individuals who have shared fork in the road stories can be brought onto the show via a live feed from another location and shown on a monitor. You could have multiple monitors to show many people.

    High profile individuals from government, business, entertainment, education, science, religion or other areas who are right now facing a major fork in the road could be brought on as guest to discuss their challenge with Don.

    High profile individuals Don Shapiro has interviewed for their own fork in the road story could be brought on as a guest to discuss what happened and what they learned with Don.

    Appearances with a live audience

    When people hear about Life Is A Fork In The Road, they often respond with experiences of their own, thoughts about the concept and questions. Don has over 30 years of experience working with live audiences in an interactive and fun way. After the initial discussion, the audience can be brought into the discussion as follows:

    People who have had their own fork in the road experience can share it. Don can then interact with these individuals through comments and questions.

    Audience members can be encouraged to make comments or ask questions allowing Don to interact with them.

    Don can go into the audience to create more energy during this segment.

    A part of the audience could be made up of individuals who are currently members of the Life Is A Fork In The Road page on Facebook.

      Copyright 2010 Don Shapiro


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