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The Power of True Love Comes from It Not Being an Emotion

The Power of True Love Can Only Be Understood Once We Realize It’s Not an Emotion

Our world is filled with human attachment. We connect with others, develop relationship with others and, over time, the emotional connections deepen. Some of these relationships work out, others don’t. Some can last decades and a few last a lifetime while others last only weeks or a few years.

We can experience so much joy, wonder, happiness and pleasure in these relationships. And then we can also experience hurt, pain, disappointment, anger and more. All that we go through both good and bad grows out of a complex and intricate attempt by two people to align the nature of who they are with one another. Once we move past the initial attraction, we embark on a journey of discovery in which we learn more and more about the other person and how they make us feel.

where is the loveWhen relationships don’t work out or get into serious trouble, it all comes back to the human side of the equation. Something in the attempt to mix the personality, temperament, likes, dislikes, ego and more didn’t quite mesh right. This can lead to some severe emotional reactions depending on the length and nature of the conflict. Let’s be clear about this. All that goes on is about the fragile nature of the human condition and human emotions.

In the world’s quest for simplicity, the word love is used to describe any human relationship with some type of a deeper bond. We hear about love everywhere. It’s in our songs, movies, books and permeates all aspects of our life. It may be one of the most frequently used and misunderstood words in existence. So when a relationship doesn’t work, we will often hear the term “love gone bad.”

Love Is a Spiritual State, Not an Emotion

While this author isn’t going to change everyone’s use of the word love, it may be helpful to understand what love actually is and how it differs from human emotional attachment and the misalignment that occurs between people. Love is a spiritual state, not an emotion. It is not actually a part of the human condition. It resides in our spirit. Our spirit is pure love and nothing more. This love never changes. It doesn’t increase or decrease. It doesn’t think ill of anything or anyone ever. It simply exists as pure, unconditional love. All spirits or souls exist in this state.

What goes wrong in relationships is not love but two humans who don’t quite mesh well enough which leads to a break in their emotional attachment. It is our emotions that cause all the problems. At no point is love ever a part of this conflict.

In fact, when you see people become so emotionally distraught that they become mean and vengeful, this is a case where they have become totally disconnected from their spirit which is love. The love that is who they really are has been blocked by their own human frailty allowing their emotions to run amuck without any greater force to guide them.

This may be a very difficult message for some people to hear. Severely negative, vengeful, controlling and mean actions toward someone are a clear sign a person has lost their connection to their soul. It’s just that simple. We are going to feel pain and hurt over what has happened. This is normal and natural as we deal with the long journey back to emotional stability.

The Love from Our Soul Balances Our Emotions

When we strongly connect with our soul and its guiding force, the power of love balances our emotions and helps us keep our perspective. Love allows us to let someone go because they would be happier elsewhere even if they cheated and lied. Unconditional love is the foundation for forgiveness. While we will still feel the hurt and pain, through the power of love we can work through these emotions without turning to the dark side of humanity.true love

Let’s be clear. Forgiveness is not acceptance. Forgiving doesn’t condone what someone did. It doesn’t make it okay. It simple allows love to guide us to a better place over time and prevents us from diving into the depths of a spiritually depraved existence. From my observations, people who are conditional in their acceptance of others and judgmental tend to have the most difficult time forgiving others. They are not sufficiently connected to their spirit to be guided by the unconditional love it offers.

You Are Love

When we embrace the spirit or soul that we are, we allow a continual stream of unconditional love to permeate our being all the time. This affects how we see the world and how we deal with our emotional reactions to life. Without the loving guidance from our soul, we can too easily sink into the lower levels of human behavior causing way more hurt, pain and mayhem than is necessary.

You are love and have always been love. You are a spirit or soul in a human body. This unconditional love exists right now within you and is there to help you through any crisis in your life. Embrace who you really are and allow your inner wisdom to always guide you through the emotional roller coaster of life.

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