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What exactly is a fork in the road story?

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Did you ever get a feeling, have a strong inclination or hear a voice urging you to choose a certain path and discover something unexpected? Life is a series of thousands upon thousands of forks in the road. When you strip life down to its core, it’s all about making one choice after another. Add up all your choices and there’s your life. Life IS a fork in the road.

I am writing a book about how we respond to the thousands of forks in the road in our life. Oftentimes, we don’t hear or feel the tiny voice deep inside of us trying to guide us to one choice or another. Sometimes we do hear that voice but ignore it. And then there are those times where we hear the voice, follow that fork and discover there was a good reason for going down that path.

Some of these forks are tiny like what order do we go through our morning routine, do we drive straight home or turn left and go to a restaurant. Some of them could be big such as a career change, business decision, continuing a relationship or deciding whether to tell a loved one something difficult. There are many times when a big decision in our life comes to us through a series of many tiny decisions that lead us down a path. Life is so full of what do I do, which way do I go, where do I turn, do I make the call, do I speak up, do I go for it?

Have you ever followed your inner voice or feelings to make a choice? Were you surprised by how it turned out? Have you ever ignored a very strong urge or inclination and things didn’t turn out so well? Did they continue to turn out badly as long as you continued to ignore this inner feeling? And when you finally followed it, did things change?

We may hear compelling messages inside our heads, deep in our hearts but succumb to the influence of our parents, our spouse, our friends or even complete strangers sometimes. Do these messages come to us purely by accident or are they a part of some grand design? Many of us don’t pay much attention to our thoughts or dismiss inner voices and other feelings without serious reflection.

Maybe we are receiving messages all the time and are just not fully aware of it. The big question to consider is whether we are receiving guidance from within and beyond that is actually looking out for us and guiding us through life… if we would only listen?

My book research is looking for what happens inside us at the moment we make a choice and what led up to that decision. Ultimately, I want to discover if, in fact, there is a grand guide patiently waiting to lead us through all these forks in the road, how to recognize that voice and figure out what it means. You can learn more about the book research project by reading articles in our Media Room.

If you have a story about a choice you made big or small, please share it. The more stories I hear, the better I can discover if we are actually receiving valuable messages about which path to take and how to recognize when they are the real thing. I am especially interested in forks in the road where there were little or no facts to support your making that choice but you were feeling such a strong urge to go down that path that you took it with surprising results.

The more stories I receive, the more powerful the conclusions I can share about these messages that come from within and beyond. We are creating a worldwide community all helping to discover how our inner wisdom works. Share your story, read others’ stories and offer comments. Together, we can learn something new that will help all of us. Life Is a fork in the road.

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