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Kelly Finds a Great Career

Kelly Ketelboeter shared this story:

Zombie Boss
Zombie Boss

It was 2002 and I was completely miserable in my job. Prior to this realization I didn’t see my work as a job I saw it as a career. I loved what I was doing and felt I was making an impact. That was until one fateful day when I was confronted by the CEO and the EVP along with my boss. I had been home sick with pneumonia for a week and got a call from my boss that I had to come in for an important meeting. It took everything I had but I pulled myself together and went to the office.

As I entered the conference room, I had a very uneasy feeling and had no idea why I was there or what the meeting was about. The CEO and EVP began by berating me about a training session that had taken place 4 months earlier. They continued spewing verbal vomit all over me about things that did not happen. They had no facts, where talking about something that had happened months earlier, completely discounted all my hard work and effort and did it all with the conference room door open. I sat there in complete disbelief, feeling sick to my stomach and completely blindsided by my boss. That was the day that changed my life.

After that fateful meeting, I completely checked out from my work, lost all respect for my leaders and wanted to get out of that company as fast as I could. As fate would have it I received a call from a consultant I had hired to provide some training for our company. He asked if I would be interested in working with him to deliver sales and service training to his clients. His business had grown so much and he needed extra help. There were no guarantees for work, I would be a self-employed consultant, there were no benefits and there was absolutely no security.

I had met this man two times in my life but this opportunity seemed like a gift and the timing was perfect. My friends and family thought I was crazy to even consider giving up a secure job with a bi-weekly paycheck and benefits galore. Something inside me though said those things didn’t matter without respect and trust for your leaders or from your leaders.

So I took the plunge, quit my secure job and said good bye to steady paychecks. It was the best decision of my life. Seven years later I am still working as a consultant for the man that rescued me from hell. I have never worried about a steady paycheck. The money came and it came fast. I still don’t have benefits but that doesn’t matter at all to me. I am happy, I love what I do and I have been given opportunities I never would have had if I didn’t take the plunge into self-employment.

Did I hear a voice that told me take the plunge? I did. It was my inner voice telling me I could not work where I was not appreciated, where I did not trust my leaders or have respect for them. I also think that if the events of that fateful meeting with my previous CEO and EVP hadn’t happened I wouldn’t have jumped at another opportunity with absolutely no security. The voice in my head and heart told me go for it. To create my own future instead of leaving it in the hands of others. To go blindly into a new relationship without many facts and no guarantees.

I also believe the decisions I made are part of a larger plan and grand design for my life. I have met one of my best friends, started another consulting company and I am in charge of my life. I have met so many unbelievable people in my journeys that I would not have met had I not listened to my inner voice.

Like Kelly shared her story, share your own story

If you’ve ever listened to your inner voice or feelings to make a choice, please share your story on this website. I am collecting 1000’s of stories just like Kelly’s for the book I am writing “Life Is A Fork In The Road.” Your story is important because it will add something unique from all the rest. What I learn from all these stories added together may help us better understand how we can make better choices in the future and learn more about how the universe works.

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