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Stranded Family Saved When Derian Hears Inner Voice

Her inner voice said turn left
Her inner voice said turn left

23 year old Derian King was returning from a party one evening . A snowstorm blanketed chilly Chicago that evening and road plows had only cleared the major roads so far.

At 1 AM in the morning, she stopped at a traffic light. A voice inside of her told her to turn left at the signal. She couldn’t figure out why she would be thinking such a thing since that was not the way to go home. Home was straight ahead. And she wanted to get home just as fast as possible.

At first, she ignored the voice. In an unemotional, matter of fact manner, the voice kept repeating “Turn left at the signal.” This just didn’t make any sense to Derian. The signal seemed to stay red for a long time while she battled back and forth between just taking her normal way home and turning left for no reason at all. Then she began to feel hunger pains.

Ah hah, she thought, there was a 24 hour chicken restaurant down the road if she turned left so she figured that was what the voice was about. She decided to turn left at the signal and get some chicken.

A short ways down the road she saw a car that had plowed into a snow bank. There was a man and woman standing outside the car and the woman was holding a baby. Derian stopped. They didn’t have a working phone to call anyone. The couple had kept the car running so they would have heat to protect the baby but now the car had run out of gas. It was very cold and there was no one around to help. They had been praying for someone to come along and assist them.

Derian called a tow truck and had them stay in her car to keep warm until the car could be taken care of. Then she drove them home.

So where did the voice and the hunger pains come from? Why did the light stay red for so long? Some people, upon hearing this story, immediately think that maybe ESP is at work here. Could Derian have picked up this couple’s message or energy or something and translated it in her own way?

Whether you believe in ESP or not, the facts don’t seem to support this theory. Notice that the voice she heard wasn’t one filled with worry or concern. It gave no indication of danger, emergency or other feelings that would typically come from a couple in such a situation. The voice spoke in a matter of fact way which gave no indication that anything was wrong. It just told her to turn left without any emotion at all.

These facts tend to support the notion that the voice came from someplace else other than the couple. So whom or what was observing this couple in trouble and told Derian to “Turn left at the signal?” Is someone upstairs watching over us if we would only listen? And if we don’t act on the voice, does it cause other things to occur such as hunger pains to help us make the right choice?

Like Derian shared her story, share your own story

If you’ve ever listened to your inner voice or feelings to make a choice, please share your story on this website. I am collecting 1000’s of stories just like Derian’s for the book I am writing “Life Is A Fork In The Road.” Your story is important because it will add something unique from all the rest. What I learn from all these stories added together may help us better understand how we can make better choices in the future and learn more about how the universe works.

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