Carolyn Finds A Path From Despair To Bliss 1

(Carolyn Jones shared the following fork in the road story.) I fall into the category of hearing the voice, following where it took me, and discovering great beauty in myself and others. By following my bliss, I passed through the gates of my heart. I am a photographer. Several years ago, I discovered a community […]

Wrought iron gate photograph by Carolyn Jones

Fork In The Road Band

Fork In The Road Band Takes A Lot Of Forks To Become A Band 32

Could all of this be a coincidence? (The following story was submitted by Dan Allen, a member of the Fork In The Road Band in Logan, Iowa. They are a country rock band. Fork in the Road has both a geographic and ironic meaning to us. The obvious one is that I actually live […]

How Book Title “Life Is A Fork In The Road” Found Me

In 2005, my step daughter Kristin and I engaged in a lengthy email exchange about a problem she was facing. She had written me a long email explaining what was going on. So I wrote her a long email back. Then she wrote me a long email in response. That led to another email from […]

Life Is A Fork In the Road

Her inner voice said turn left

Stranded Family Saved When Derian Hears Inner Voice

23 year old Derian King was returning from a party one evening . A snowstorm blanketed chilly Chicago that evening and road plows had only cleared the major roads so far. At 1 AM in the morning, she stopped at a traffic light. A voice inside of her told her to turn left at the […]

What Is Life All About? 2

If you strip it down to its very core, life is about making choices. Our life is filled with millions of choices big and small. Imagine a tree the size of our solar system with branches leading to branches and more branches. Each of those branches represents a fork we took, a choice we made. […]

The tree of life